Xitron Navigator RIP V-10.1R2

Xitron Navigator RIP V-10.1R2

  • $7,500.00

Xitron Navigator Rip V10.1R2

Will drive any SCREEN Thermal platesetter

Additional Products that come with Rip:




-32-Bit v10

-64-Bit Upgrade 

When it comes to prepress software, one size does not fit all. That’s why Xitron’s product line for offset printing runs the gamut from simple RIPs and TIFF Catchers to full-featured workflow systems. Designed for fast, economical deployment on Harlequin and Adobe platforms, our systems are scalable and configurable to your specific requirements.

Xitron RIPs and workflows have the ability to drive almost any computer-to-plate, or legacy computer-to-film engine in use, either directly, or through TIFF Catcher connectivity. If you have an older CTP but need to update your RIP or workflow, we can drive it. If your Workflow system is up to date but you need a new output engine, Xitron has the link to get your chosen platesetter into production quickly. We can even link the entire system to your press console and preset the ink keys for every job using our KeySetter technology